About Us

Hello and welcome to our shop! 

Who are we?

We are a husband and wife team raising our two sons in the New Orleans area.

Why did we create this company?

We started this T-shirt line to show the world that there is a lot more to black families than what the media portray. We feel negative images and interactions between black men and women are represented as the norm far too often. However, that is just not what we know to be true when we look at ourselves, friends, and family. We wanted to restore some balance.

What is our mission?

We hope our tees help you celebrate your life, love, and locs. We would love to see how they help you express yourself. Share your pictures on our Facebook or Instagram pages or email them to thelocdcouple@gmail.com.

We know that no couple is perfect, but true love is unbreakable when you are loc'd in love.

--Zed and Dana Marie